OnTrack Recruiting Centers

The OnTrack Recruiting Centers are strategicly located to support our client partners, source and place top talent, in key markets.

The key to success for every OnTrack Recruiting Center is our ability to provide terrific service. We deliver staffing talent across a wide range of disciplines and industries.

OnTrack Recruiting Centers source talent for our client partners in several major US markets. You always get our best candidate for the position because our talented Recruiting Center partners take time to understand your business.

Allows You to Focus on Your Business

Our Recruiter Centers will give your HR staff and your supervisors back the time it takes to source an screen qualified applicants. Our dedicated recruiters act as an extention of your team and with laser focus find the right talent for your operation. When your team spends less time interviewing and recruiting employees, they spend more time focusing on your goals.

Here’s how we do it: Listen, Learn, and Connect

Listen—we dedicate all the time needed to understand exactly what is required for an employee to be success as part of your team.
Learn—we learn about you company culture and expectations you have for everyone who walks in your door.

Connect—our screening and hiring process ensures a qualified candidate is available when you need them.

What you get

  • Additional Resources —OnTrack representatives are immediately resond to your requests for talent, employee management items, and quality assurance.
  • Proactive Recruiting Strategy—We want to have top talent ready when you need it, during the peaks and valleys of production. Using traditional and non-traditional sources, we identify what works best for you. Then we evaluate and improve to exceed your expectations.
  • Standardization—This includes onboarding, interviewing, testing, timekeeping, reporting, KPIs, and risk mitigation. OnTrack will help you stay compliant and meet your goals.

What we measure

  • Fill Rate
  • Time to Fill
  • Retention
  • Conversions
  • Absenteeism
  • Safety Incident Data