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Listed on: 11/30/2018
Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73179
Industry: Industrial
Description: Looking for Assembler for hose production.  Great Opportunity. Duties: ·         Reverse engineer hose assemblies presented by customer o        Determine hose type used previously from markings, part numbers and other identifiers o        Determine fitting type(s) used previously from markings, part numbers, thread type(s), sealing types and other identifiers o        Measure the overall length of the hose o        If applicable, identify the clocking angle of fittings. o        Verify from customer that the hose assembly, as reverse engineered, would meet the STAMPED requirements. ·         Manufacture hose assemblies as designed or specified o        Measure hose cut length with the accuracy noted in the specification o        Cut bulk hose using the appropriate saw or cutting device and technique for the type of hose required to meet specification o        Clean the hose according to specification using compressed air o        Mark hose fitting insertion depth o        Install proper hose ends by hand or using installation press as appropriate o        Crimp, swage or compress hose fittings using appropriate tooling and hydraulic press equipment to meet customer specification o        Measure and document crimp measurements as required by customer specification or company quality assurance policy o        Hydraulically pressure test hose assembly for quality assurance purposes as required by customer or supplier using high pressure test cell/chamber   Must be able to pay attention to detail and read a tape measure.